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Production facility

The Trivec engineering team devises, designs, configures and converts ideas into solutions. We do this in-house, together with designing and building control technology, programming, installation and production.

We are increasingly building according to the Trivec Modular Construction Concept (TMC). This is a future-oriented concept in which specifically tuned customisation, the possibility of rapid upgrades, smart building with well thought-out simplicity, re-use of materials and the use of contemporary digital possibilities are the essence. Your advantage? A machine or machine line that can easily grow in line with the development of your company.

A solution consists of more than just the coating technique itself. We look at the whole picture together with you. Matters such as transport technology for workpieces, product pre-treatment, drying, cleaning of machine and machine parts and processing of wastewater afterwards, are obviously a part of this.

Curious about the Trivec production facility? Discover our in-house experience at Trivec to see if we can work together to find a solution to your problem.

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