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By working responsibly, you not only save the environment, you also
save on your waste disposal costs. Do you already work in a socially responsible manner (CSR)?

The wastewater water from your paints, lacquers, adhesives and inks is classified as chemical waste. Disposing of these into the sewer is not permitted and is irresponsible.

With the paint wastewater treatment systems from Trivec eco you save:

1. The environment, you can avoid unnecessary pollution.
2. Money on your waste disposal costs.
3. Unnecessary costs in case of possible environmental inspections.

After treatment in a wastewater treatment installation, your wastewater no longer has to be disposed of in an expensive way. In a Trivececo wastewater system, the wastewater is treated and recycled for re-use. Depending on your waste stream, we can supply various compact models, as well as customised industrial installations.

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