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printing On Concrete Tiles (Netherlands)

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1. Your question

The customer was looking for a solution to make their basic concrete tiles look like natural tiling. This new production process had to be integrated into the current production line. Furthermore, the tiles had to be able to withstand discolouring due to exposure to sunlight.

2. Find a solution together

Together with the customer we investigated various printing technologies to find the right fit. Research and development were also done, together with a specialised lacquer manufacturer, into finding the right rubber for the rollers and to finetune the quality and result of the application. Furthermore, techniques regarding UV-primer, UV-print, UV-base and topcoat for tiles was designed to meet the quality standards set by the customer.

3. Realisation

By using a ‘sliding transport system’ over which sets of slabs were transported one section at a time, special roller coaters were developed to be placed over this transport system. In combination with UV-drying and the printing machine the basic concrete tiles are transformed to tiles with a company logo, pattern, or a print to make the tiles indistinguishable from natural stone.

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