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The TRV450C Experience Single Roller Coater is a rolling machine with a combination of dosing and application roller. For the transit of workpieces, a driven belt is used. The machine is available in a working width of 400 mm or 300 mm. The Roller Coater with a working width of 300 mm is equipped with wider channels and makes this machine extremely suitable for work with aqueous application products.

The machine is used for the application of oxidative oils, UV oils, lacquers, paints, stains and hard wax on, among other things: parquet, skirting boards, steps and furniture panels. These and other versions are also suitable for the coating of concrete tiles, metal workpieces, glass, foam and plastic sheet material.

The application roller can be removed quickly and without tools for changing and/or cleaning purposes. The desired result can be accurately adjusted using the pressure of the application roller in combination with the speed and direction of rotation of the dosing roller.

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Wastewater follow-up order

Quantity Product Price
Antifoam 1 liter € 14,95
Aqua Stabil 1 liter € 11,95
After-filter (grey) € 13,95
Pre-filter (white) € 4,45
10 kg V-Floc*7 € 59,00
30 kg V-Floc*7 € 149,00

Paint robot follow-up order

Quantity Product Price
Brush € 39,95
Foam roller 150mm € 4,95
Foam roller 200mm € 5,95
Paint container 10 liters € 49,80

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