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Brush Washing Machine / Pad Washing Machine

Cleaning machines for cylindrical brushes and disc (pad) brushes.

Rinsing/cleaning of disc and/or cylinder brushes used for parquet finishing. Washing out of contaminations caused by the processing of water stains, oxidative oils and UV-oils.


The pad- and brush washing machines are available in various configurations, for the simultaneously cleaning of 2 or 3 brushes from the Trivec program. Made from stainless steel and with space underneath the wash basin for storage of, for example, cleaning agents. The hood is built with gas springs and an integrated safety switch to prevent usage while the hood is open.

The machine can also be configured for other types of brushes from different brands, so that these too can be cleaned with minimal effort. The washing and centrifuge programs can be started from the central switch box.

This machine enables users to reduce production down time, quickly and effortlessly due to colour change.

The thorough cleaning of the brushes increases life span of the brushes, further reducing overhead costs.


Technical specifications:

Capacity: 2 or 3 pads/brushes
Drive motor: 0,37 kW
ATEX: motor and safety switch
Frame: stainless steel
Marking: CE (UL optional)

Additional information


2 of 3 pads of borstels


0,37 kW


Motor & veiligheidsschakelaar





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