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IR-AIR Combi Drying Machine

The Trivec IR-dryer is used to dry sealers, stains, and water based lacquer, as well as preheating workpiece surfaces.

Trivec IR systems are used to dry stains in the parquet / flooring industry, preheating of workpiece surfaces (for example for the timber- and concrete industry) and for customer specific applications.


The Trivec IR systems are equipped with electronical power regulators to adjust lamp intensity based upon desired parameters The lamps are always in stand-by mode and are activated when the workpiece sensor detects an incoming workpiece. Settings for the lamp power, throughput speed and temperature readings from the switch box. Can be delivered as a drying tunnel with Teflon conveyor system or built-on unit for existing systems.

Depending on application, this machine is often combined with an air section to optimize drying with forced air flow. IR systems are built to customer specifications.

Additional information

Working width

200 mm up to 1400 mm oon customer demand

Control system

Via control panel – PID-control system

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