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LED-UV Dryer

High performance UV dryer for drying (full curing or gelling), amongst others, UV-LED-lacquer, UV-LED-sealers, UV-LED-stains, and UV-LED-oils

Trivec UV-LED dryers are used in the parquet / flooring industry, furniture industry, as well as laboratory machine with paint manufacturers and circuit boards.


Trivec UV-LED-dryers are equipped with electronical power regulators. Lamps are adjustable depending on the requirements, from 10% up to 100% power. Using workpiece detection, lamps light up only when the substrate is detected.

Cooling is provided by an integrated flow-through water cooling system. Settings of the lamp power, throughput speed, and temperature readouts from the touchscreen.

The unique cassette system enables users to quickly swap out and clean lamps. For full-cure applications and gel-cure applications in combination with a conventional UV-lamp. All UV-dryers are equipped with the Trivec remote service module, enabling support from a distance.

Additional information

Length transport system

1500 mm

Maximum capacity

22W/CM (10-100%)

Working width

400 mm and 600 mm

Throughput speed

2 – 25 m/min (depending on the type of coating)

Cooling system

Integrated water cooling system

Control system

Touchscreen (prepared for remote control)

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