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Vertical Glue Press

Glue press, available as standard or custom built solution. Can be used for various purposes, e.g., pressing oak top layers onto plywood and the pressing solid panels from multiple wooden panels.

For the parquet industry and furniture industry. For, in example, the production of parquet flooring, table panels, chair legs, beams, and semi-finished products for frame production.


There is a great variety of available gluing presses from the Trivec program.

Before supplying the customer with a technical proposition, we would like to discuss all information regarding the application and capacity necessities.

Keeping in mind the type of wood, sizes, desired flexibility, amount of pressure required per square centimetre, and the type of glue the right machine can be built to order. Flexibility is our strong suit; independent pressure cilinders, adjustable in width and height, various pressing shoes, counter pressure beams on rails, parking stations for incoming workpieces, many options are available.

Glue presses are often built in a modular manner. This means that in the future segments can be added until a press of, for example, 18 meters in length is reached.

Additional information

Working width

To customer demand


From 2 meters upwards

stacking height

To customer demand

Pressing power

Powerful hydraulic pressing cylinders, kg/cm2 to customer specifications

Counter pressure beams

Optional. Hydraulic or pneumatic. Adjustable in position if required Optional. Hydraulic or pneumatic. Adjustable in position if required


CE (UL optional)

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