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Cross Conveyer

The Trivec Cross Conveyor systems are used to transport workpieces, such as parquet floorboards, lats, façade wood and similar workpieces from one line and feed it into the next.

To be used in production lines where multiple production steps are carried out and the amount of workspace is limited, preventing the option for one long connected production line.


The Trivec Cross Conveyor is equipped with a workpiece detection sensor. This ensures that various workpiece lengths can be easily transported on the cross conveyor without the need to change settings. Via the touchscreen all settings can be adjusted such as the speed regulation and pneumatic cylinders.

A touch screen is used to record all settings. Control of the cross conveyor is prepared for line connection with the other machines in the line (failure and emergency stop connection).

Additional information

Length conveyer belt

From 1500 mm

Length cross conveyer

To costumer demand

Width output conveyor belt

To costumer demand

Transfer belts conveyor

5 (or more on customer demand)



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