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UV multi step finishing line Parquet Flooring (Sweden)

1. Your question

About one-and-a-half years before introduction of a complete new flooring concept, Trivec was asked to help think about a specific type of finishing. Together with the customer and paint manufacturers we spent many hours testing in the Trivec Experience Centre, resulting in several finishing concepts. The original purpose was to create sample boards for introducing innovative flooring concepts at international conventions and supply international dealers with samples. The line was furthermore used, in adjacent to a future (wide) line, for further product development and extra production capacity keeping in mind the growth strategy.

2. Find a solution together

Based on the extensive tests at the Trivec Experience Centre the line configuration was developed. Keeping into account the growth strategy and further product development the line had to be capable of more types of (pre-)finishes than initially required. From the start the line also had to be able to scale in size if the need arises. The Trivec Modular Concept (TMC) made this possible.

3. Realisation

After setting-up, installing and training the customer much to their satisfaction, the line was extended within a year. This extension included an automatic infeed solution as well as additional coating, drying and intermittent sanding machines. The line is now used to produce samples on a large scale, supporting the main (wider) line in production as well as product development.

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