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Polishing Line

Used for the polishing and distribution of oil, stains, UV/LED products on flat surfaces (e.g., parquet, flooring, concrete tiles, and more).

The Trivec Polishing Machine helps to evenly spread out the applied product on the workpiece surface.


The Trivec Polishing Machine is equipped with polishing units that aid in the evenly spreading and polishing of the applied product into the workpiece surface. Available in various configuration, the shown configuration has two pad units and two brush units. The polishing machine can be used for oxidative oils, UV/LED oils, stains, and hard wax. Due to its modular build, the machine can be equipped with extra pad or brush units.

Depending on the application and for maximum flexibility, the units can be operated independently of each other.
The pads and brushes can be easily removed for cleaning and colour change without the use of tools.

Additional information

Working width

400 mm or 600 mm

Height adjustment

On every unit

Conveyor belt

Adjustable in speed

Frequency control

On each module

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