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Refurbished Curtain coater

For precise application of lacquer on parquet floor panels, beam wood, frames, etc.

The Trivec Lacquer Fall Coater is designed to coat flat workpieces at high speed on the top side (or optionally top and one side simultaneously) with paint or lacquer. Efficient and environmentally friendly technic without the disadvantages of wasting valuable paint/lacquer due to overspray.




The Trivec Lacquer Fall Coater is used to precisely apply a coating to one, or optionally two, sides of long workpieces with a base- or topcoat at high speeds. Suitable for applying water based lacquer, water based paints, 2 component lacquer (with longer open pot life), UV water lacquer and 100% high gloss UV lacquer. For two sided application the machine can be configurated to put the boards through at an angle. This efficient technic saves on product waste, as the product is recirculated and filtered continuously throughout the production process.

The photos differ; the wood surrounding the conveyor belt has been replaced with stainless steel.

Additional information

Working width

Available from 300 mm up to 1600 mm

Conveyor system

Flat for parquet and sheet material, with angle adjustment for treating both sides.

Throughput speed

Adjustable from 30 up to 120 m/min


From 3 meter, depending on customer specifications

Paint casting

Available with standard blade system or highly reliable overflow system

Lacquer supply pump

Adjustable pump speed

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