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Infeed conveyer

Efficient machine for automatic infeed of workpieces such as planks, plinths, parquet, lats and similar products.

Used mainly for the parquet flooring industry. Reduces the need for strenuous manual labour. This system enables the one-man operation of compact finishing lines. Efficiency by saving time through infeed optimalisation.

Infeed conveyor


The Trivec automatic infeed systems are used for the automatic infeed of workpieces into a production line. It can easily be setup for different sizes of workpiece widths, and therefore applicable for a large scale of workpiece dimensions. For the parquet flooring industry, an optional cassette system can be supplied to feed in multiple rows of, for example, herringbone parquet floorboards in an efficient manner. High efficiency by constant supply of workpieces through the production line. Equipped with a sensor for auto start/stop to create desirable distance between the workpieces.

Can be delivered for various workpiece widths and in various conveyor belt lengths. Optional with brush unit for dedusting the workpiece surface before production.

Additional information


To customer demand

Effective working width

Depending on execution


900 mm (+20/-20 mm)

Throughput speed

2 – 20 m/min


Yes with adjustment


CE (UL optional)

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