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MDF edge sealing with TTEPS / UV-LED

1. Your question

A challenge: how to properly coat a porous material in a way to make it indistinguishable from the non-porous side? Added challenge was to ensure it was not labour intensive. The customer proposed this challenge in order to treat the sides of MDF panels used in furniture and kitchens. The machine had to be very precise to not influence the other sides of the panels.

2. Find a solution together

The customer, the paint manufacturer and Trivec performed many tests to develop the exact production process that was required. After several months of testing the first steps were taken to develop the new TTEPS technology. With this exact method of application the project constraints could be met with ease. Furthermore, the technology could easily be integrated into existing production lines.

3. Realisation

The TTEPS was integrated into an existing profiling line. With this the sides of the MDF panelling could be profiled, coated and dried at 40 meters a minute. Customer satisfaction was high, as a second machine was introduced into a new profiling line as well as a laboratory version to aid in product development.

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