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Two layer finishing line bespoke parquet flooring (USA)

1. Your question

Our customer in the U.S.A. asked us to help with the automatization of the application process. Up to that moment all hard wax and water based lacquer was applied by hand. Furthermore, all pre-finishing techniques such as brushing, aging and bleaching were also performed manually. The delivered quality needed to match their artisan requirements and the machine line needed to be ready for future expansions.

2. Find a solution together

The modular character of the Trivec machines enables single pass processing of workpieces as a single recipe. By combining several application steps efficiency can be gained without loosing the artisan character of the finishing. By taking into account the available production space, solutions are devised to suit the possibilities. After the preparation phase and drying of the finish, the parquet planks are protected with a clear lacquer or oiled with a protective oxidative hard wax oil.

3. Realisation

The line is constructed to handle all production steps in 1 passthrough by using UV-drying. From automatic infeed to base coat and intermittent sanding to top coat. Through the modular system, finishing lines can be adjusted and extended in the future to suit expansion needs.

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