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Belt Spraying Machine

The Trivec Belt Conveyor Sprayer is a spraying machine suitable for spraying base- and topcoats on wooden and plastic surfaces

Suitable for carpentry industry, parquet flooring, interior design, plastic industry.


The Trivec Belt Conveyor Sprayer is equipped with a special coated conveyor belt reinforced with metal. This special coating prevents lacquer from sticking to the conveyor, and in combination with a special cleaning knife excess lacquer is removed, collected, and can be reused within the system.

Smaller workpieces can also be sprayed due to the belt conveyor. The machine is equipped, on both sides of the belt conveyor, with an exhaust filter system.

Additional information

Maximum workpiece height

250 mm

Maximum workpiece width

350 mm

Minimal workpiece length

50 mm (due to air pressure)

Fixed spraypistol arms

3 spraypistol arms with hook and angle adjustment

Extraction capacity

12.000 m3/h

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