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Brush Painting Machine

Suitable for applying paint/stain on all sides in a single passthrough

Preserving (painting/staining) exterior wood (finely sawn, brushed or planed) such as Swedish-rabb timber, terrace wood, beam wood, scaffolding wood, and other long wooden workpieces.


Description With the aid of six contra-rotating brushes and multiple spray nozzles, long wooden workpieces are coated on all sides with paint or stain. Applying the coating on all 4 sides in a single passthrough means one passthrough fewer compared to a spraying machine. In this way, work is done efficiently and time is saved. Practically no product loss as any excess material is collected and returned to the integrated multi-nozzle spray module after a two-step filtering process.

This system is designed in such a way that the brushes spread the paint/stain over the entire surface area in a precise and evenly distributed manner. The machine is used for treating facade wood such as Swedish-rabate, terrace wood, beams, scaffold wood, etc. Optional available with input/output system

Additional information

Throughput speed

20 m/min (optional available with speed control)

Number of brushes

6, all detachable without tools

Working width

200 mm, optional 250 mm

Maximum throughput height

40 mm

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