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Paint Robot

Used to coat exterior wood/long workpieces in one passthrough.

Used for low viscosity paints, impregnation, and stains onto toe boards, plinths, window frames, fence boards, fence posts and other long wooden workpieces.


The Trivec Paint Robot is used for the quick and easy impregnation of varnish, oils, or basecoat onto long wooden workpieces.

The roller and brush holders can be adjusted, tool-free, to suit the measurements of the workpiece In comparison with spraying, the Paint Robot prevents unnecessary material loss. The brushes and rollers can be removed easily for cleaning and colour changes. The Trivec Paint Robot enables users to coat hundreds of meters in a short amount of time.

Features a plug that allows paint to be easily removed from the bottom.

Additional information

Working width

200 mm of 300 mm


Galvanized steel

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