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Paint Spraying Wall

Standard or custom built paint spray wall for painters and local painter and decorator who want to expand on their current activities. Can be implemented as a new solution or to upgrade the current situation, based upon your specific situation.

With a complete program of spray walls, air recirculation systems and heating modules, Trivec aids in the setup, upgrade or design the spray cabin.


In addition to new systems, we also adjust current systems with efficient air recycling systems, integrated heating and flow modules with energy saving as a result. With few and cost effective measures the operational costs can be reduced significantly.

With an optimal temperature and airflow, the quality of application is easily increased.

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2×2, 2×3 or 2×4 meter extraction surface (or custom built to suit your situation)


Cardboard filters with high absorption capacity, 2 or 3 layer filtering

Air recycling




Eco flow module

Automatic standby with delay. As soon as the spray gun is turned off the system will be turned of in due time

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