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Wide Roller Coater

Professional Premium roller coater for precisely applying coatings on flat surfaces.

finishing of sheet material, furniture parts or several parquet planks next to each other Finishing of multiple parquet / flooring panels simultaneously, interieur- and furniture panels, and other larger panels. Can also be used for priming surfaces before digital printing, base- and topcoat applications on, for example, glass, cardboard, foam, plastics, ceramic- and concrete tiles and many other industrial coating applications. With special soft rollers, the machine can also be used for profiled surfaces. Comes with electrical height adjustment and a pump circulation system. Available as a single coater, double coater, or putty/filling machine.


This Premium machine is equipped with a dosing- and application roller. Electrical height adjustment and user friendly touchscreen are standard, as well as the integrated conveyor belt with support roller.

The coating thickness can be made precisely by changing the pressure between the application- and dosing roller, the speed of the rollers and the rotational direction of the dosing roller. Optional with touchscreen, rail system, and chiller/heater unit for regulating viscosity.

Additional information

Working width

1320 mm, 1420 mm or 1620 mm

Throughput speed

2 – 30 m/min

Height adjustment


Conveyor belt

With integrated support roller

Control system


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