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Reactive Stain Sprayer

Suitable for applying (reactive) stains on parquet flooring or furniture panelling. Creating aged wood floor finishing or coloured interior finishing

Creating aged wood floor finishing or coloured interior finishing. Mostly used in the parquet / flooring industry, furniture industry, interior design industry


The Trivec Sprayer is a modular spraying system developed for the application of water based stains, reactive stains, ammonia, and bleach on wooden surfaces. The sprayer is equipped with a workpiece detection sensor and unique spraying system preventing overspray and unnecessary production loss. Any excess material is collected in a reservoir which is coupled to the supplied exhaust system.

The touchscreen is used to control the system and comes with a cleaning function for quick and easy cleaning of the entire system.

Additional information

Working width

400 mm or 600 mm

Control system


Number of sprayheads


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