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Spraying Machine TMQ

The Spraying Machine TMQ is designed to spray paints, lacquer, and stains on long thin workpieces.

For spraying/varnishing long thin workpieces, such as plinths, parquet flooring, metal profiles, plastic profiles, frame coating and more.


The spraying machine is used to coat workpieces on 3 sides in one passthrough with water based paints, lacquer, and stains. The overspray reservoir and the complete transport system can be removed from the machine for easy filter change, cleaning, and maintenance.

Connected to an air exhaust and filtration system, a great part of the filtered air is returned to the cabin. Automatic sprayer pistols and pumps are configurated based upon each individual request.

Additional information

Working width

300 mm

Pistol holders

3 pieces

Throughput speed

10 to 60 m/min

Exhaust system


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