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Roller Coater Single for liquid application

For applying adhesives to paper/cardboard.

The precise gluing of paper or cardboard on thin substrates. Application of thick liquid materials in strips on flexible surfaces such as paper, cardboard, fibre materials, panels, etc. Diverse machine to be used in various industrial applications.


Due to the modular character of the Trivec Roller Coaters, the machines can be configured and designed for various applications. In this configuration, the application of high viscosity adhesives or coatings on paper, cardboard or similar materials can be realized.

The machine can be integrated with a “roll on / roll off application system” with which the substrate (paper or fibre materials) from a roll can be fed into the machine for treatment and in turn dried using IR-technology before being rolled up again. With the optional lift system, it is possible to quickly disrupt the application process to make room for a ‘non-coating lane’ after which the substrate can be (automatically) cut off at a predetermined length.

Interested in this or any other customized machine for your specific application; please feel free to contact us.

Additional information

Working width

300 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm or 600 mm


LED integrated

Throughput speed

2 – 20 m/min (standard version)

Control system

Optional with touchscreen

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