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SMOB Filter Unit


Units from ø200mm and up are equipped with automatic filter cleaning system which removes excess dust from filters after the exhaust system has been turned off. The exhaust unit can optionally be equipped with airlock or briquette press. The exhaust systems from the SMOB line are built according to the ATEX-114 norm. The units up to 7.990m3/h can be placed indoors. Larger units must be setup outside the building.

The filterunits are executed with two or more sump trays (depending on the type) Optionally, the filter units can be equipped with an airlock or briquette press.


Additional information


2.715m³/h; 5.990 m³/h; 8.315 m³/h

Residual dust emission

< 0,1 mg/m³


2,2 kW; 7,5 kW; 11 kW



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