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Brushing Machine DB400B2.RS

Oscillating disc brushing machine for structuring, brushing, and polishing of surfaces such as wood.

Depending on the equipped brush, this machine can create grain-effects on parquet flooring, exterior wood, furniture panels, stair steps, kitchen cabinets, and similar workpieces. Also usable for intermediate sanding after a first layer of lacquer/stain, for cleaning and/or aging wooden surfaces. Suitable for use on uneven surfaces.


The Trivec DB400B2-RS is equipped with two oscillating disc brushes and a cylindrical brush unit. Each unit can be adjusted in angle to maximize sanding and grain-effect results on wooden surfaces.

The oscillating disc brushes have a large contact surface with which even water stains can be removed from oak boards. Both brushes have a central height adjustment as well as a fine adjustment on the second unit. Workpieces are transported over the integrated high-grip conveyor.

Each brush unit is further equipped with pressure rollers to keep the workpieces stable and enables the processing of smaller workpieces. The two heavy duty brush motors can each be separately regulated in speed, as well as rotational direction for creative control. Furthermore, pressure, brush type, angle adjustment and conveyor speed further increase this creative control.

The oscillating disc brush unit can be built on various machines from the Trivec line.

Additional information

Effective working width

400 mm

Minimal throughput length

250 mm


900 mm (+20/-20 mm)

Throughput height min - max

4 – 180 mm

Throughput speed

4 – 12 m/min

Motor brush capacity

2 x 4.0 kW

Ø Exhaust units

2 x 100 mm


Via switches at the control side

Brushing speed

Variable with frequency control on all brushing units

Pressure rolls

Integrated in brushing units



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