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Cross Cutter CC400B1

For the creation of bandsaw effects upon wooden surfaces.

Can also be used for brushing surfaces or a combination of both. For creating pre-finishing effects or creating special aged wood effects in combination with reactive- or colour stains.


The Trivec Cross Cutter is developed for the creation of bandsaw effects on wooden surfaces. The machine is equipped with a bandsaw and brush unit.

By adjusting the throughput speed, cross cutter speed, angles of the various units, type of brush or type of cross cutter belt, various effects can be created. Optionally available with the Trivec Tapper System, which can create further unique effects. With various pneumatic shoes that push down the cross cutter belt at random intervals, random and more natural effects can be created.

Equipped with touchscreen, the various speeds, unit height, and programmes can be changed and stored.

The brush and cross cutter belt can be changed easily.

Additional information

Maximum effective working width

400 mm

Minimal throughput length

300 mm


900 mm

Throughput height

4 – 250 mm

Throughput speed

2 – 15 m/min

Brushing units

1 with quick change system and angle adjustment

Ø Exhaust units

1 x 100 mm + 1 x 80 mm



Compressed air requirements

Minimum 6 bar

Pressure rolls

2 per unit

Brush speed

Variable with frequency control on display



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