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Aging of wood by tumbling technology. For creating aged wood effects for parquet flooring.

For creating aged wood effects for parquet flooring.


The Trivec Tumbler is designed to give wooden surfaces a vintage look in matter of minutes. The machine can be delivered in various sizes, depending on customer specifications.

Parquet boards can be easily loaded into the tumbler via the wide doors. The doors open and close electrically via the touchscreen on control panel. Equipped with sensor technology that prevents the operation of the machine while an operator is within the safety zone.

The aging floors effect depends on the material that is added to the drum together with the floorboards (for example, nuts, bolts, and pebbles). ‘Old fashioned’ tumbling still remains the best method for creating natural looking aging effects for any type of wood.

Control via touchscreen on the side of the machine enables users to open/close the machine, set tumbling duration and view current status of the machine.

Additional information

Tumbler length

By default 3000, 3500 of 4000 mm (andere lengtes mogelijk)

Tumble speed






Tumble time


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