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Rotor Brushing Machine RB800B6

Brushing, structuring, and sanding of Versailles panels, parquet floors, furniture panelling and façade wood.

The Trivec RB800B6 is a heavy-duty brushing machine with extra powerful brush motors. This machine comes with 6 brushing units that rotate around a single vertical axle. The six individual brushes in turn rotate clockwise and counterclockwise to brush the Versailles panels in all directions resulting in the desired structure effect.


The Trivec RB800B6 is a heavy-duty brushing machine with 6 heavy duty brush units that rotate around a central axis mounted in a sturdy frame. Ideal for brushing/structuring/sanding large intricate surfaces, such as Versailles panels, in all directions.

The combination of power, rotational direction of brushes, brush pressure, individual brush speed, main axle rotating speed and type of brush give an extensive measure of flexibility to create effects. Equipped with ease-of-use touchscreen with built-in memory to store several configurations, enabling the recreation of previously created effects on the fly. The conveyor is equipped with a vacuum system to ensure that the workpieces do not shift during production. The unique brush change system enables easy change of brushes.

Additional information

Working width

800 mm

Working height

900 mm (+20/-20 mm)

Throughput speed

5 – 20 m/min

Ø Brushes

250 mm

Brushing units

6 units, 3 on each side of main axle

Electrical connection

400V / 50Hz / 32A (3Ph + 0 + ground)

Control system


Brushing speed


Axial speed



Adjustable direction clockwise/contra clock

Conveyor belt

Vacuum belt


CE (UL optional)

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